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4 ways to get slim legs

Slim legs are the dream of many women. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with them. Does this mean that the case is lost, and you have to forget about beautiful, slim legs? Of course not! Then - with really little effort - all you need is a little help from nature. How to do it? Here are four proven ways to get slim legs!

Physical activity

It is no secret that physical activity helps you maintain your body weight and shape. It is worth betting on leg exercises tailored to slim your body, not build muscle. All stretching exercises and swimming, for example, are great here, but not only.

What is extremely important, activity should be regular. For this to happen, it must give pleasure and satisfaction. Otherwise, motivation will quickly disappear and all attempts to lead a healthy, active lifestyle will fail.


Properly selected massages are a remedy for many ailments. No matter what name a leg massage is given in the price list of a professional masseur (e.g., lymphatic drainage, slimming massage, or anti-cellulite massage), its basic role is to improve circulation, which helps not only to take care of the beautiful appearance and firm skin of legs but also, for example, to minimise the likelihood of swelling. A soothing massage will be a salvation after a long day when legs ache, refuse to obey, and are swollen.

You can perform the massage yourself at home - with just your hands, with a special massage roller, or with a Chinese bubble. Whichever massage technique and accessories you choose, first learn how to perform the massage step by step. It should also always be performed after prior application of, for example, oil or cream on the massaged part of the body. Kneading and rubbing dry skin can lead to uncomfortable abrasions.

Wearing high-heeled shoes

Wearing high-heeled shoes is more of a clever trick than a real, long-lasting way to slim legs, but it is still a must-have on this list. Why not? Simply because it is a quick, impressive trick!

Heeled shoes make legs look longer and slimmer. Contrary to popular belief, however, it's not that the higher and thinner the heel (like the popular 'stiletto heels'), the slimmer your legs will look. A great visual effect can be achieved regardless of whether the heel is a few centimetres or a dozen or so.

So, if it's not so much the height - or width - of the heel that's important, what is? Often - while focusing on choosing shoes with the thinnest and highest heels possible - we forget about their colour, for example. We are stuck with the misconception that black is best because since it generally slims the figure, shoes in this colour must also slim the legs.

Moreover, we assume that it is a universal colour. However, it turns out that shoes in a flesh colour are a much better choice. In a way, they "blend" with the leg, thus optically lengthening and slimming it. The cut is equally important. If we want to "slim down" legs quickly, it is better to choose shoes with a pointed tip.

Finally, it is worth returning to the issue of the mentioned height and thickness of heels. Not all women can or want to walk in heels. If they are too high, at best they will make walking impossible or difficult, making it very awkward, and at worst they can cause a serious injury.

As for the thickness - thin stilettos are lovely and it is hard to deny their charm, but women with fuller shapes, with solid thighs and calves, really look much better in, for example, shoes on a pole. Slightly more massive legs look much more aesthetically pleasing in them and the whole look is coherent.

Compression tights

What is hidden under this mysterious sounding, term? Compression tights or stockings, commonly known as varicose vein stockings, are specialised products that - thanks to gradual compression - significantly improve microcirculation, thus preventing such long-term dangerous and troublesome symptoms like the feeling of heavy legs, swelling, and varicose veins.

Thanks to compression legs always look great, and what is most important - they do not get tired and are healthy! Not only do compression products come in many colours, so you can easily match them to your outfit, but they also have different levels of compression - so you should tailor them to your needs and requirements.

Those with a lower compression rate primarily have a prophylactic function, preventing the feeling of heaviness and leg fatigue. On the other hand, products with a higher level of compression have a therapeutic function and are useful, for example, in the case of advanced chronic venous insufficiency or after surgical removal of varicose veins.

Regular wearing of compression stockings is particularly advisable not only in the case of the varicose veins in question or frequent swelling but with frequent walking in high-heeled shoes, precisely to prevent these unpleasant discomforts.


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