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Home massage for reducing leg swelling - how to do it?

Swelling of the legs is not an unusual phenomenon. Both women and men struggle with such problems, although in women such an ailment appears more often. In both situations, however, it can result from the simple fact of spending all day on your feet, traveling, or experiencing some illness.

Sometimes swelling occurs by consuming excess salt, which retains water in the body. However, it is not uncommon for swelling to be accompanied by leg pain, burning or tingling and numbness. In this situation, it is necessary to act, because it can be a signal informing us of the formation of varicose veins.

Swelling of legs should not be ignored. Chronic venous insufficiency of lower limbs is not only an aesthetic problem or one that limits our ability to wear well-fitting shoes. It has a real impact on health and unfortunately can contribute to more serious complications.

One solution that is available to everyone is lymphatic massage for swollen legs. After learning its basic principles, we can successfully perform it even on our own at home.

Where do swollen legs come from?

One of the most common causes of leg swelling is staying in one position for a long time. This results, among others, from our work, but also from the lifestyle in which there is no place for physical activity.

The second cause may be heavy loads. Usually in obese people and pregnant women. Then the extra weight causes the blood pressure to increase and at the same time the blood flow is impeded. Blood and other body fluids, including lymph, usually accumulate around the ankles.

The surrounding tissues absorb these fluids, which on the outside results in swelling. Wearing too tight clothes and underwear, especially those that cause pressure in one place, such as the groin, chest or waist, or just above the ankles, is also not conducive.

An inappropriate diet and a tendency to use stimulants such as tobacco products or alcohol are additional factors that increase the risk of swelling. Sometimes coffee and tea can also be harmful.

What is a lymphatic massage and how to perform it?

One solution to reduce the problem relatively quickly is a draining leg massage. It is such a massage technique that stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and is based on draining lymph with the help of massage.

The purpose that a well performed leg massage should serve is to improve the circulation of lymph in the lymphatic system and protect against circulatory insufficiency. This promotes the excretion of harmful products of metabolism, cleanses the body, and at the same time allows you to firm the skin and reduce cellulite, since it also works on fat tissue.

How to perform a lower limb massage?

To benefit from a lymphatic massage, you can go to a professional. Massages of this type are performed in physiotherapy offices. At home you can do it manually or with a special device.

It should be done with slow, gentle and smooth movements, which should always take place in the direction of the lymph nodes. Massage begins by slowing down the flow of lymph in the inguinal nodes, then move to the thigh, lower leg and foot. We repeat the process in reverse order (foot, shank, thigh).

Manual massage for edema must cover the entire limb. The same thing is true when it comes to lymphatic massage devices at home. Calf massage is not the only one that can provide relief from swelling. You should also learn about other ways that will prevent more serious ailments.

Other home remedies for leg swelling

There are certain behaviors that promote swelling and, consequently, problems with circulation failure in the lower limbs. Long hours at work are spent sitting down. Every now and then it is good to get up and walk around the office to force your muscles to be active. After returning home it is good to put legs higher. This improves circulation.

People with a genetic tendency to swelling and varicose veins should avoid extreme temperatures. Both visits to the sauna or hot baths, as well as exposure to frost will be harmful. It will also be good to take care of diet and eliminate excess salt, sugar and highly processed foods.

You should also remember to drink enough fluids, preferably water rather than sweetened beverages. Stopping smoking will have a beneficial effect not only on the cardiovascular system, but also on the whole body. It is also better to use alcohol more cautiously.

It is necessary to find time in your daily schedule for movement. This may be walking, but also swimming or cycling. Special compression tights and stockings are also useful. Their gradual compression improves the proper blood flow and reduces the risk of swelling and pain. In the long run this will also prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

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