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Simple leg exercises to help prevent swelling

You come home after a long day at work and, with all your strength left, you make your way from the hallway to your favourite armchair. You dream of nothing else but to finally sit comfortably, to rest, to relax... Your goal is so close, but you can't reach it because a sudden, terrible pain in your legs prevents you from doing so? Is it the first time that your legs feel heavy, swollen, and refuse to obey, and on top of that you suffer from muscle cramps?

Don't wait - these could be the first symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency! Learn simple leg exercises for everyone which will help you prevent swelling and other ailments!

Simple and fun, because... lying down!

This type of exercise is simple and undemanding, as well as comfortable and pleasant because you do it lying down. First, lift your legs above the level of your heart. This will improve circulation and allow blood to flow more quickly in the desired direction.

The most popular exercise of this type is "scissors", which is a vertical or horizontal leg movement that you probably still know from primary school. Another trivial, yet very effective, exercise is the bicycle. You can also swing one leg at a time and the other at the same time.

In order not to make the exercises lying down too boring and monotonous, you can do them alternately - several series. The whole exercise will only take a few minutes but try to repeat it 3-4 times a day if possible.

Walk the walk!

You don't have to run but walking quite fast is recommended. It is great for stimulating the circulation. If you get tired quickly while walking, because physical activity has not been your strong point so far, start with a slower pace and short walks, because there is nothing worse than overload, sore muscles, and loss of motivation. Raise the bar consistently but gently.

Water is the cure for everything...

It is well known that the beneficial effects of water are invaluable. You don't have to be a perfect swimmer to enjoy an hour at the pool. Your legs will rest in the water, and you'll experience a particularly relaxing feeling.

Not just exercise - what else?

Exercise is extremely important, but you need to incorporate a few other healthy habits into your life. If you want to avoid leg pain, constant swelling, and other uncomfortable discomfort, make sure you get compression stockings, commonly known as "varicose veins". Wear them every day and you will quickly notice the difference.

Try to sleep and rest during the day with your legs elevated above your heart. This is not a difficult or demanding task, and it helps a lot to relieve sore legs. Also, give up wearing high-heeled shoes or at least try to limit it. If you do have to wear stilettos for an important outing, remember to wear compression stockings at the same time.

Take care of your diet and maintain/retain a healthy body weight so that your legs are not exposed to unnecessary strain. If your legs continue to swell despite prevention, be sure to see your doctor for a consultation.


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