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Varicose vein tights: how do they work and are they worth investing in?

Varicose veins are one of those problems that relatively frequently affect Poles. It is more common in women than in men, but in both cases it is not only an aesthetic issue, but above all a health one. Varicose veins treatment can be troublesome and not always effective. Therefore, when you see the first spider veins or veins twisted in a characteristic way, and even earlier - when you feel recurrent leg pain and swelling around the ankles, you should start taking action.

In the initial phase, it is easy to prevent it by giving up too tight clothes, staying in one position for a long time, losing excess weight or introducing more polyphenols and anthocyanins contained in fruit and vegetables into your diet. One of the good and effective solutions are knee-high socks, tights or stockings against varicose veins as part of compression therapy.

How to treat varicose veins - compression therapy

Varicose veins of lower limbs may be treated in various ways - pharmacologically, surgically and with compression therapy. The doctor, after a more accurate diagnosis, is able to match the appropriate type of therapy. In the case of medicines, those with diosmin, rutoside or horse chestnut extract are usually chosen, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels and protect against spider veins and the formation of further varicose veins.

Compression therapy is treatment through compression. It is non-invasive and special stockings for varicose veins are most frequently used. This method makes it possible to adjust the compression force to the level of severity of venous insufficiency.

Moreover, it is recommended at every stage. It can be used as an element of prophylaxis recommended for people burdened with venous insufficiency genetically, but also for pregnant women or obese people. It will also prove useful as soon as pain, swelling or even the first varicose veins appear. The task of such compression therapy is to remove blood stasis and to give it the right direction of circulation, which was disturbed by insufficiency of valves or other factors.

The compression socks for varicose veins used in compression therapy exert gradual pressure on the entire surface of the legs. This accelerates the absorption of swelling and reduces the risk of their formation. Such products also limit the diameter of veins and the amount of withdrawn blood. As a result, the physiological order of circulation is restored.

Varicose vein knee socks and their general characteristics

The effectiveness of compression therapy lies in the proper adjustment of the strength and type of compression device. Regardless of what degree of compression we choose, it is always highest in the ankle area and weakens towards the top.

The point is that such compression stockings for varicose veins force the proper circulation of venous blood. Many people do not associate such varicose vein products with something aesthetic, but rather with products of rather large thickness, dedicated exclusively to the elderly.

Meanwhile, their appearance is no different from that of traditional tights. They can therefore be worn successfully even by young people without any compromise on style and appearance. The best varicose vein tights not only look good, but also perform their health function and are available in different compression levels. This allows them to be tailored perfectly to the wearer's requirements and needs.

Although venous insufficiency of the lower limbs more often affects women than men, special products can also be found for men. Knee socks and even stockings for varicose veins for men are designed to go well with men's attire.

How do I choose varicose vein stockings?

In order for compression stockings for varicose veins to be fully effective, it is necessary to choose a product with the right compression force in the first place. There are usually three levels of compression and each of them is designed for people with a different degree of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. Varicose vein stockings of the 1st compression level are a proposal for people who have slight varicose veins and are troubled by the feeling of heavy legs or swelling.

They can also be used before and after varicose vein surgery. There are also tights typically prophylactic, recommended especially for pregnant women. Another important issue is the choice: knee-high varicose veins tights, stockings or maybe full tights. It will also be advisable to measure your leg before making a purchase.


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